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At Husky Roofing, we specialize in high-quality roofing services, including apex leak repairs and asphalt shingle installations across Valencia and the more expansive Santa Clarita Valley. Our excellence in craftsmanship, commitment to professionalism, and extensive experience make us the go-to roofer for homeowners seeking durable, beautifully installed roofs enhanced with solar panels for energy efficiency and insulation against California’s strong winds.

Elevating Homes in Santa Clarita with Superior Roofing Solutions

Santa Clarita is a vibrant place where homeowners like you want your homes to look best. At Husky Roofing, we provide a wide selection of high-quality roofing services for your unique needs. Our experienced and professional team ensures every job is done right, from fixing minor issues to redoing the whole roof. Our main goal is to improve your home with services that make you happy and give you peace of mind.

Understanding Your Roofing Needs – From Inspection to Installation

We start every roofing task by clearly understanding what you need. Whether it’s checking your roof in Los Angeles or installing a brand-new one with options like solar panels, Husky Roofing can handle it. Our approach is thorough and transparent, promising to pay attention to every detail, from the attic to the shingles.

Our Promise of Quality and Reliability

Husky Roofing is more than a roofing company; we promise excellent quality, reliability, and customer service. We are committed to providing high-quality work, meaning we offer sturdy and reliable roofing solutions and a smooth and enjoyable experience from the beginning to the end.

Some points are explained below –

  • Roof Inspection: Our experts check your roof carefully to find any problems and suggest the best fixes.
  • Personalized Plans: Based on our inspection, we develop plans that match your needs, whether you want to save energy with solar panels or change the appearance of your home.
  • Smooth Installation: Our capable team works to install your new roof without causing you stress, aiming to enhance your home beautifully.
  • Customized projects: By picking Husky Roofing, you’re choosing a partner that cares about meeting your needs and ensuring your satisfaction.
Roof Inspection by Experts

Everything You Need to Know About Roofing Services

Choosing the Right Roofing Materials

Selecting the appropriate roofing materials is critical for both aesthetics and longevity. In Santa Clarita, where weather conditions can vary significantly, options like asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and tile offer both durability and style.

Understanding Project Timelines

Project timelines can vary based on the scope of work. A typical roof installation or replacement can take a few days to weeks. Factors influencing this include the size of your roof, material availability, and weather conditions.

Financing Your Roofing Project

Everyone deserves access to quality roofing services without financial strain. That’s why we offer various financing options to accommodate your budget.

The Importance of Regular Roof Maintenance

Regular maintenance and inspections are vital to extending the life of your roof. Our professional roofers offer comprehensive inspection services, identifying potential issues before we escalate into costly repairs.

The Apex of Roofing Materials – Quality and Sustainability

It’s essential when you pick the roofing material for your house or business. It needs to last a long time and look good. In California, especially in the southern part, roofing materials face harsh weather.

We make sure our roofing materials are not only top quality but also good for our planet.

We promise a smooth experience and excellent results for homes and businesses in Santa Clarita and nearby places.

Maintenance and Repairs

  • Routine Inspections: Checking your roof often can catch little issues early.
  • Professional Repairs: Our experts can fix any problem quickly, keeping your roof in excellent condition.
  • Maintenance Tips: We advise you on how to care for your roof so you don’t have to deal with extensive repairs.
  • Quality Assured: Our roofing material is checked carefully to ensure it’s strong and works well.

Guide to Your Roofing Project

  • Initial Consultation: First, we discuss what you need and want and review your project.
  • Free Estimate: You get a detailed estimate that shows all costs upfront.
  • Planning: We carefully plan every part of the project to ensure it fits what you want and your budget.

Ready to Start Your Roofing Project? Contact Husky Roofing

Choosing a reliable and professional contractor is paramount when considering a roofing project in Santa Clarita, CA. Husky Roofing stands out as a premier provider of roofing services, renowned for exceptional customer service and unparalleled expertise. Here are a few reasons why Husky Roofing should be your go-to roofing service:

  • Expertise Across Residential and Commercial Projects: No project is too big or small for us. We cater to residential and commercial clients, ensuring your property receives the highest attention and skill.
  • Commitment to Quality: We use only top-grade roofing materials, guaranteeing durability and aesthetic appeal. Our craftsmanship is meticulous, reflecting years of experience in the industry.
  • Local Knowledge and Experience: Specializing in Santa Clarita, we deeply understand local building codes and weather patterns, ensuring your roof is compliant and capable of withstanding local conditions.

For a roofing partner that combines professionalism with genuine care, contact Husky Roofing today. Let’s discuss how we can exceed your expectations on your next roofing project.

Roof Replacement Process


To determine whether your old house in Santa Clarita needs a new roof, look for signs like leaks, missing or broken shingles, a sagging roof, or light coming through the roof boards in the attic. Also, if your roof is 20-30 years old, it might be time for a new one. If you need more clarification, Husky Roofing can inspect your roof and let you know what they think.

The price of a new roof per square foot in the Santa Clarita Valley depends on the roofing material you pick, the design of the roof, any needed repairs, and the size of your roof. Husky Roofing will give you a precise, detailed estimate that shows all the costs so you know exactly what you’re paying for. We aim to give you great value without cutting corners on quality.

When you choose Husky Roofing for your roofing needs in the Santa Clarita Valley, you’re working with a team that cares about doing a good job and making customers happy. We know a lot about local building rules, the weather here, and different types of buildings. We use top-notch materials and pay attention to every detail, making us great at home and business roofing projects. Our track record, straightforward way of doing things, and fair prices show our dedication to being the best roofing partner for the Santa Clarita community.

Yes, getting a new roof can make your home in Santa Clarita use less energy. Newer roofs are made with materials and methods that help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, which can lower your energy bills. Husky Roofing has options like solar panels and skylights to make your home more energy-smart and save money.

Insulating your attic helps keep your home’s temperature steady, making it more comfortable and energy-efficient. This means you lose less heat in the winter and stay cooler in the summer. Husky Roofing can check your attic’s insulation and suggest improvements or new insulation to meet your home’s needs in Santa Clarita Valley.